Single-point perspective black and white illustration of a road
Single-point perspective black and white illustration of a road

Register with Us

If you're new to the Beacon Prison Rides Project and would like to request rides, please email us at or text  (845) 288-1865. You'll receive a notification as soon as your ride request has been received by our dispatcher. For the next steps, see the "What Happens Now?" section below.

What Happens Now?

Once our dispatcher receives your request, you'll receive a confirmation email for each leg of the journey, and the requests will then be sent to our group of volunteer drivers. If someone can take the ride, they'll sign up for it and you'll receive a notification as each direction is covered, along with your drivers' name(s). To check on the status of your ride requests, visit your account page through this link or via the "My Rides" option at the top of the page.

The morning of your ride, someone will reach out via text to confirm you've made your train and will be at the station. When you get off the train in Beacon, you'll head to the main passenger pickup area -- you're going to the side away from the river, and once you're up the steps the pickup point is on the left. The driver will have a sign with their name in the window of the car to make sure you know exactly which vehicle is correct.

If there's anyone else from the same train headed to the same destination, you may be sharing a ride with them. Once everyone has arrived, the driver will depart and drop you off at your destination. 

If you've arranged for a pickup and ride back to Beacon station, your next driver will be waiting at the designated time for you to make the return trip. 

If you have questions, you can reach out to us at or text (845) 288-1865.